Attack on financial institutions security for employees

All this, as previously said, can be summed up as a kind of safety profile defense and self-defense in times of danger. This a simple example.
Mint worker is a person who, among other things:
– The worker is able to pre-estimate the threat,
– Knows the safe entry and exit from the building,
– Can use them with exit evacuation,
– Controls the situation in which it is located,
– Knows how to talk to the caller aggressive and how to behave towards someone,
–¬†Evaluates all people who can be a potential source of danger to life and health of employees and customers and property safety mint,
– Implementing and practicing the procedures associated with the occurrence,
– Is able to survive in a crisis situation,
– It is able to establish cooperation,

Active shooter – antiterrorist activities
This course is one of the few that is fully addressed to civil servants and security managers: managers and managers.
The main issues raised during the course are:
1.Characteristics of the situation of the active shooter ?
What is the motive behind the attacker and how does it work and support.
2. How to behave in such a situation ?
The principles of cooperation with the ordering services are described. Not everyone is aware that in such a situation, for an intervening cop, everyone is a potential aggressor.
3.Preparing ?
How to prepare for such an event, what to include in the crisis response plans.
4. What later ?
How to behave after the occurrence of such for a great event.