IT outsourcing for stationary work

Using the services of KAMAND IT outsourcing for desktop work will make the challenges of modern reality facing your company, regardless of the industry, extremely easy for you to achieve.

KAMAND we deal with appropriate designing and implementation of computer networks, which enables ensuring high capacity of both wired and wireless WiFi networks. A well organized network with appropriately selected devices and configuration, is also an effective protection of your company. We implement, you can be sure of the safety of data storage and transmission.

Remember that an improperly secured network means a high risk of data interception due to improperly secured WiFi or an attack from the network due to the lack of a firewall – a device for detecting and blocking IPS – IDS attacks. You can also expose yourself to attack through physically and logically unprotected cables and Ethernet sockets.

Proper placement of equipment by the company will guarantee you the best possible network quality and security. IT Outsourcing is also a friendly and comprehensive service as well as substantive IT support in selection of appropriate products and their delivery to the site. We also provide hardware maintenance, hardware expansion while maintaining the scalability of solutions and supplying replacement hardware.