IT outsourcing supports you in difficult situations. When you don’t have enough specialists for a new project, when you need to increase your team temporarily during the holiday period when your employees are out of the office.

KAMAND constant contact with verified specialists with an excellent reputation and high adaptability. In the Body Leasing model, we will find you employees for the time you specify, in jointly defined technological and project areas. This way you get access to the knowledge and tools you need here and now.

We have already contracted over 100 specialists in the Body Leasing model – we are experts in this field.

Body Leasing model, candidates work with us for a fixed period. We negotiate with them the terms of the contract that will guarantee you a successful working relationship. In this model, you can focus on cost optimisation and flexibility of cooperation, reacting efficiently to changes in your company and projects.

In this model, you do not involve your team in the recruitment process. You are only responsible for verification and acceptance of the number of hours worked by our specialist. Everything else is up to us.