To check the company and people-information and evaluation of enterprise

If you want to lead a successful company special attention should be paid to the selection of partners and contractors. It is no secret that cooperation with insolvent or nierzetelnym subcontractor is not only unprofitable.

Often may compromise the company's finances as well as its position on the market and a good name.

Time and resources devoted to a thorough background check information about potential business partner will avoid financial losses and image caused by the cooperation with the wrong contractor.

Carrying out full economic intelligence we can provide information such as:

  • Excerpt from the national court register
  • The start date and the type of economic activity
  • The full name of the company (the current and the names used in the past)
  • Data on the premises of the company, with premises and land
  • The dates and types of legal transformations
  • Any changes to the data and the statutes of the company
  • Names, surnames and addresses of the people leading the activity in
  • The names and data of the shareholders, the shareholders, the Management Board and other bodies of the company
  • Names and the names of the agents
  • Data about the assets of the company (KW)
  • Information about debt and debt
  • Links to the company capital
  • Deletion from the registry
  • The date of liquidation of the company, if this took place
  • Press releases and media information

We are sure that cooperation with mani will provide you with extremely valuable information that can significantly contribute to the development of your company.